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Homebuyers might finally have had enough of the open concept floor plan. For more than a decade open concept floor plans have been in huge demand among homebuyers who wanted to have options when it came to deciding how to use their home. And that makes sense. Families change in size and now it’s common to have at least one person in the home working from home so space needs to be flexible in order to meet the needs of the people living there.

But people are now realizing that open concept space, while it looks great on Pinterest and Instagram, is really not fun to live in. Adults are tired of trying to throw dinner parties and having people watching them cook or starting at the mess of the cooking process while they eat. Parents are realizing that it’s loud and distracting to have kids watching TV and playing in an open concept kitchen with an attached family room. People are once again longing for walls and closed off space.

Open concept homes in Leduc are still something that lots of buyers are looking for. But be prepared for that trend to start to shift towards closed off kitchens and separate living spaces over the next few years. Within a decade the open concept trend will be long gone and once again buyers will be searching for closed off kitchens and homes with lots of separate dedicated living space for things like a home gym or a home office.

That’s good news for sellers of older homes or vintage homes who have been overlooked by buyers for many years. Once again, the trend of home dining and closed in kitchens will be back in a back way and vintage style homes that have closed off separate kitchens and dining rooms will be in high demand. Well kept-up vintage homes will become very popular so homeowners that think they might want to sell in the next few years should start investing in updating their vintage homes but leaving the closed kitchen and separate dining room intact to attract buyers who in a few years will be gravitating towards vintage sensibility instead of open concept floor plans.

Craftsman style homes, which are always popular, will become even more in demand as people look for smaller homes that will require less energy to heat and cool. The open concept huge family homes with tons of space but not a lot of useable space are definitely beginning to fall out of favor with Millennial homebuyers and Generation Z homebuyers who want smaller, energy efficient, affordable homes that won’t cost a fortune to maintain. Empty nesters also are looking for smaller, luxurious and closed off homes that they can enjoy their retirement in. 

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Even if you are having a great summer sales season you should be starting to gather leads so that you will have a ready supply of fresh leads when the summer sales start to taper off. Gathering leads is one of the most important parts of the job, and it’s also one of the most difficult. But thinking outside of the box and staying current on trends will help you find new ways to get good leads. Here are a few new ways to generate leads that you might not have thought of before:

Guest Blogging

You should already have your own website and be using it to generate leads. But if those leads are drying up or if you want to maximize the leads you get from the Web you should band together with some other agents and guest blog on each other’s websites. Also look for local blogs and influencers that have a large following and approach them about guest blogging. When you guest blog you can write a short article or informational piece that will end with a link to your website or your email. So, you can get new leads from the exposure and build your authority in the local area. Guest blogging is a quick and easy way to leverage your blogging into new leads from a new audience.


These days everyone reads reviews online before they purchase anything, including a home. Reviews encourage new leads because buyers or sellers can see real-time feedback from other people that have worked with you. Facebook offers the chance to add reviews to your Facebook business page, or you can rely on sites like Yelp. You should also consider adding testimonials to your website if you don’t already have some on your website.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are not free but they are a fantastic way to generate leads in your local area. You can set an ad budget to make sure that you don’t spend more than you want to spend. And you can reach thousands of people in your local area who can contact you directly on Facebook. Facebook ads deliver a big return for just a few dollars in advertising dollars. Since time is money spending a few dollars to reach many potential new leads is a good use of money because it gets results in a short amount of time and frees up your time to do something else like follow up on those leads.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is incredibly popular these days. All social media channels now offer users the ability to live stream video directly through the social media platform. You can use live streaming to give mini-seminars and tips on buying and selling homes. People that are interested in buying or selling can contact you directly through social media. 

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Summer sales season is starting to heat up and if you’re not careful you could end up burning yourself out during this busy time. Summer sales season means lots of showings, open houses, and phone calls with potential buyers and sellers as well as trying to squeeze in time with your own family and friends to enjoy the short summer. If you don’t take care of yourself during these chaotic sales period you can find yourself tired, stressed out, and cranky all the time. Here are a few self-care tips that you can use to make sure that you stay healthy and motivated during the hectic summer sales period:

Set Some Limits

Of course, you want to be available as much as possible to talk to clients and prospective clients as well as reach out to new leads. But when you’re burning the candle at both ends you need to some limits so that you get the rest you need and have time to do the things that you need to do in order to keep yourself healthy like eat right and get enough sleep. So you need to set some firm limits for things like phone calls and emails. Turn off your work phone at a certain time each night and let calls and texts wait until the next day. Most experts say that you should turn your phone, tablet, and computer off at least an hour before you want to go to bed.

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Get Into A Routine

Having a strong morning routine will keep you healthy and on track even when your days are chaotic. Get up at the same time each morning. Make sure that you get some exercise, even if it’s just a walk around the block or a quick bike ride. Then make sure that you eat a protein-rich breakfast so that you will stay full while you are out running around. Setting up a good morning routine will make it easier to stay focused and build momentum each day.

Get Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can cause you to be irritable and to make silly mistakes. And when you’re dealing with the financial demands of buying and selling homes your mind needs to be awake and ready to go each day. It can be hard to go to bed early when it’s light outside long into the evening but you can use room darkening curtains or shades to make your bedroom nice and dark to help you sleep better. And make sure that you’re getting at least 8 full hours of sleep each night. If you can’t get a full 8 hours of sleep or more at night try to give yourself a power nap of 20-30 minutes during the day. 

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Hosting a real estate buying seminar for new or first-time buyers is a fantastic way to promote your brand, connect with new leads, and provide extra value to your clients. It also is a great way to make sure that first-time buyers understand the process of home buying and have the chance to get answers to their questions so they are more prepared to start the home buying process. And thanks to living streaming you can host a seminar for first-time buyers online without even needing to take on the cost of renting a space or providing refreshments. If you’ve been thinking about hosting an online seminar here are some tips to make it a successful event:

Provide Guides and Notes

If you’re hosting an online event people may not take good notes during the live stream. A nice way to give them some added value and to promote your website is to write up your notes from the seminar and compile them in a first-time home buyer’s guide or another type of document or eBook. Then make that book or the notes available to people who sign up for your email newsletter on your website. During the seminar, you can let the people who are watching know that they can get a copy of all the important information from the event for free through your website when they sign up. You get new leads and new subscribers and they get a handy guide covering all the information from the seminar.

Practice First

When you start to plan your presentation create slides or notes that will help you organize your topics. Then practice giving your presentation to your family, friends, or colleagues. Read through the presentation a few times and then you will be able to deliver it in a more natural way that flows better than just reading material right off the page. Remember that you need to be looking into the camera the same way you would look at the audience in a live seminar. But you may need to adjust the speed of your presentation to allow for slow Internet connections or other delays.

Promote on Social Media

Make sure that you start promoting your seminar a few weeks before the time you plan to give it. You might want to consider using Facebook ads or Twitter ads to get your seminar information in front of as many people as possible.

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Recycle the Video

After you hold the live stream event you can continue using that video to find leads and get new followers. Upload the video to YouTube, to your website, and to your Facebook page. It’s a great way to promote your brand and in the future new home buyers can continue to watch it in order to get valuable information.

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Your website is one of the best tools that you have to attract potential buyers. If your website isn’t bringing buyers to you then it might be time to take a good look at the design of your website and see if you can make it friendly and inviting to buyers that are looking for homes in your area. Here are a few expert Web design tips that you can use to upgrade your website and make sure that it can attract potential home buyers:

Use Multimedia

home buying websiteThese days videos and photos are an absolute must for real estate agents to use. Some agents balk at using video walkthroughs because they don’t want to invest the time in creating them or don’t know how to post them easily online. But a video walkthrough and great photos are the best features that you can add to your website to attract potential buyers. If you have been avoiding creating video walkthroughs you need to reconsider your reluctance and learn how to do them. Video walkthroughs and fantastic photos are really what attract buyers.

Neighbourhood Information

When potential buyers are browsing through your website to find new homes they are also looking for information about where the home is located and what type of neighborhood the home is in. In order to give potential buyers a complete picture of the area where the home is you should be posting links to crime reports in the areas, public transit available nearby, and photos and videos of the neighbourhood as well as the home that is for sale. Local school information is also something that you should post for prospective buyers with children.


If a home that is for sale is in an HOA community with great amenities you need to make sure that potential buyers know about the amenities available in that community. If the community has a grocery store, business centre, pool, walking trails or other features include information, photos and videos of the area with the information about the home.

Contact Information

You’d be amazed at how many people don’t have their contact information highlighted on their website. And that’s a killer mistake. Your information should be easy to find so that potential buyers can see a home on your website and immediately text you or call you to find out more about that home. If you don’t want to have all of your contact information listed publicly then make sure that there is a contact button or form on every page of your website so that at any time people can contact you quickly. The more accessible your information is the more potential buyers will reach out to you.

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Summer sales are about to kick off and that’s great news for agents that are ready to make some sales. But summer sales season can be a hectic time and if you’re not prepared you may end up losing some sales or not getting the kind of potential buyers that you want to attract because you’re not prepared. Here’s a quick checklist of things that you should do right now to get ready for the busy summer sales season:

Update Everything

If you haven’t updated your website or your social media lately now is the time to do it. Make sure that all your current listings are shown on your website and have great photos. Take one day each week and write out your blog posts and social media posts for the week then schedule them so that you have some posts going up online every day of the week. By scheduling the posts you can take care of all your social media posts for the week in one afternoon which will give you more time to focus on other tasks.

Restock Your Supplies

Make sure that you have plenty of business cards and brochures on hand and in your vehicle. Stock up on thank you notes and other items that you’re going to need a lot of during the summer sales season. And take some time to restock your cleaning kit and other materials that you will need during open houses so that you don’t have to waste time later on going shopping for supplies. It’s a smart idea to keep an inventory list of supplies so that you will know what is running low and what you have lots of.

Update Your Technology

If you plan on upgrading your phone now is the time to do that so there won’t be any glitches that could cause communication problems later on. Get a new camera, new lights, and any other equipment that you will need to take great photos or take video tours of the homes that you’re going to representing. By updating your technology now you will be giving yourself plenty of time to familiarize yourself with how the new equipment works before you need to rely on it during the sales season.

Streamline Your Process

Now is the time to implement new strategies and systems that will streamline the sales process. The more efficient you can make your daily tasks the more time you will be able to spend with buyers and sellers showing houses. So figure out how to streamline your administration work by sending out automated emails, using technology to the best advantage possible, or even consider hiring an assistant to handle some of the days to day tasks during the summer so that you are free to focus on showing homes. 

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Finding new ways to get leads is very important. But many agents don’t realize that they already have some great ways to get leads that they aren’t utilizing to the fullest. If you have been searching for new and better ways to get leads you should take a good look at some of the tools that you already have that you could be using to get new leads. Check out these five creative ways to get more leads using channels that you already have:

Social Media

The worst thing that you can do as an agent has neglected your social media accounts. While it might seem like spending time on social time isn’t a productive use of your time social media is a great way to find leads and it’s totally free. Having active social media accounts on popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are essential if you have wanted to continually find new quality leads. If you have a little money to spend Facebook ads are a low cost and direct way to get great leads.

Your Own Website

You know that you need to have a website. But are you using your website to get new leads? If not, you should be. Make sure that your contact information is updated on your website and add a section just for leads. Post some high-quality information for both sellers and buyers and a contact form so that people who are interested in more information can easily get ahold of you. You can even run referral contests and other promotions to bring in new leads.

Guest Blogging

Networking with other agents and home professionals like home designers is a great way to get new leads. Contributing some guest blog posts to popular blogs in your area like travel blogs and dining blogs is an easy and free way to reach new potential buyers that could be looking to move to the area.

Host Seminars

Hosting seminars is a fantastic way to find people that are interested in buying and selling homes in your area. Hold a seminar for first-time buyers to give them the information that they need to buy a home. Or hold a seminar for people that are thinking about selling their home. Offer refreshments and some great information and you’ll be amazed at how many potential new leads you’ll get. You can even hold online seminars by using live streaming on Facebook or Instagram.

Community Events

Make sure that you attend neighborhood festivals and community events. Set up a booth offering information for new buyers and sellers and you can establish yourself as an expert in that particular neighborhood at the same time.

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Starting out as a real estate agent can be a little bewildering. There’s a lot to learn and a lot of things that can only be taught by experience. To help new agents that are just starting out some local real estate veterans who have been successfully selling real estate for many years compiled these tips to give new agents a good base of knowledge that they build on:

Focus on Coaching, Not “Selling”

Consumers today are a lot savvier than they have been in the past. This is especially true when it comes to things like buying real estate. Because there is so much information available online buyers have likely already done a lot of homework when it comes to buying a home. And they are very aware of sales tactics. If you come on strong with a hard sell that is going to be very off-putting to buyers. Instead of thinking about “selling” them on a particular home think of yourself as a coach that is helping them to find the right home. If the buyers feel that you’re on their side and you’re trying to help them and not just sell a house they are much more likely to trust you and listen to your advice about which home they should buy.

Create Big Value

One of the best things that you can do as a new agent learns how to create value for a home buyer. Sometimes buyers don’t really know what they are looking for when they are looking for a home. They may see shiny new high-end fixtures and assume that is what makes a good home. And then when they regret their purchase in a year they will blame the agent who sold them a house that doesn’t work for them. When you’re showing a potential buyer a home remember that you are the expert and they are looking to you for guidance. Take the time to learn their needs and match them with a house that will fit those needs and their budget. You may need to point out the benefits of an older home that the space they need, or a newer home that doesn’t have everything they thought they wanted.

Learn to Communicate Effectively

At the end of the day, the biggest part of selling homes is being great at communication. You need to understand the buyer’s wants and needs and the seller’s too. When you can communicate effectively with buyers and sellers then everyone wins because everyone is getting what they want. Sellers can find the right buyer, buyers can find the right home, and you can make money and know that you have helped people move on to the next stage of their lives.

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Constant promotion is essential in real estate. Successful agents have mastered the art of making connections without being overbearing. Moreover, new agents will need to learn how to promote themselves authentically in order to do well. Whether you’re an experienced agent that needs a refresher in self-promotion or a new agent starting out that could use some pointers here are a few ways that you can self-promote effectively without coming on too strong.

Maintain Relationships with Past Clients

edmonton real estate agentOne of the best ways to get new clients is to stay in touch with old clients. More than 40% of people choose an agent based on recommendations from their friends and family members. So make it a point to stay in touch with the buyers and sellers that you have worked with before. Check in with them periodically to see if they are happy with their new homes. Send handwritten cards for holidays and birthdays. And be sure to comment occasionally on their social media accounts. Their friends and family members will be able to see your posts and may choose to work with you based on that.

Blog Actively

Does anyone still read blogs? Yes, they do, especially home design blogs and real estate blogs. Blogging about the home buying process and offering readers valuable information about buying and selling homes is a great way to show that you are an expert in the field and that you are actively looking for new clients. If you don’t have time to blog regularly you can write posts for the week on a certain day each week and set up an automated system so that one post will be published each day. You should be posting at least once or twice a day in order to show readers that your site is active. You can also post home listings and video tours on your blog.

Work Your Niche

Are you specializing in a particular type of home or a particular neighborhood? Work that niche. If you are specializing in a particular neighborhood let the people in that neighborhood know that you are available if they want to sell their home. In addition, post on social media that you are the person in town to go to when people want to buy homes in that neighborhood. Network with other agents so that they will send buyers to you that are looking for a home in that neighborhood or come to you themselves. If you’re specializing in a certain type of home, like historical homes, be active in social media groups related to that niche.

Be Active on Social Media

Just as you should be blogging often, you need to be posting on social media often. Buyers and sellers may contact you directly on social media because of posts that you make.

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For the last couple of decades, open floor plans with combined kitchens and family rooms were a staple in new homes. But that trend is changing, and real estate agents need to be aware of the latest trend in new home design which is closed kitchens. Now selling older homes that don’t have open floor plans is going to get a lot easier as people realize the benefits of having a closed kitchen. If you have listings for homes that don’t have a combined kitchen and family room some of the benefits of a closed kitchen that you can highlight to prospective buyers include:

No Visible Mess

kitchen Designs EdmontonOne of the biggest reasons why people are returning to a closed kitchen is that there is no visible mess. Home cooks over the last ten years or so have realized that they don’t actually want their guests to see piles of dirty pots and pans and they don’t want to feel pressure to keep the kitchen spotless as they are trying to cook. Some homemakers also don’t want to see the inevitable chaos in the family room all the time either. Piles of books and papers, bookbags and other clutter can easily fill up the family room when everyone is hanging out there. Kitchens are returning to being a place to craft food and not put on a cooking show.

More Entertaining

As people begin to embrace the idea of their home as a sanctuary from the outside world again people want to do more entertaining and less visible cooking. Fancy place settings, good dishes, and meals centered on the conversation in a dining room rather than snacks eaten around the kitchen island are becoming the focus of entertaining.


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Less Pressure

Some people are finding that an open kitchen and family room area makes them feel pressured while they are cooking. In order to not give away family recipes, they’d like some privacy while cooking. And other people would like to be able to leave the kitchen mess and sit down with their families to eat rather than feeling like the mess of cooking needs to be cleaned up before they can enjoy the meal that they just cooked.

Closed kitchens offer home cooks the chance to cook without feeling like they have to perform at the same time. And the mess can be quietly hidden away to be cleaned up after the meal is over. So when you’re selling older homes or new homes that don’t have an open kitchen stress the benefits that come with a closed kitchen in order to show buyers that a closed kitchen really can work better than an open kitchen.

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With all the demands on your time, you might be tempted to let those past relationships slip through the cracks. But your relationship with a buyer or seller shouldn’t end once the house has been bought or sold. You put a lot of work into building that relationship and it still could benefit you. That’s because word of mouth referrals are still the number one way that an agent gets clients who are interested in buying or selling their home. There is absolutely no substitute for having a good relationship with a happy past client.


When your old clients are happy with their purchase or sale and you continue to follow up with them, comment on their social media, or take other steps to keep the relationship strong you will be the one that they tell friends and family about when their family and friends want to buy or sell a home. And getting a referral like that is what will keep you successful.


So after the sale closes don’t write off those buyers and sellers. Keep actively trying to build relationships with them so that you can count on them for referrals and references. Here are a few easy ways to keep those relationships strong:

Ask Them How They’re Doing

A simple way to keep those past clients engaged is just to periodically ask how they’re doing. Ask if they like the house, or if they’ve done any renovations. Ask them if they’re happy with the neighborhood or how their kids are doing in the new school. Reaching out lets them know that you’re still interested in making sure that they’re happy with their home.

Like Their Posts

Keep their posts in your social media newsfeed and when they post a photo of the house, a picture of some renovations they’re doing, or something else house related like it and comment on it. If you know they are redoing the backyard to increase the living space and you find an article about DIY fire pits drop the link their social media and let them know you hope the renovation goes well. Liking their social media posts is a quick and easy way to keep that channel of communication open.

Send Holiday Cards

The art of sending letters might be disappearing, but holiday cards are still very much appreciated. Don’t forget to send out holiday cards that include a business card or two in case they have friends or family members that are going to be interested in buying or selling a home. The cards don’t have to be customized or fancy. Just the act of remembering to send a holiday card will let your previous clients know that you still value them. 

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Spring sales season is closer than ever! Are you ready to have the best spring home sales season yet? If you haven’t started getting ready yet you need to start right now so that you can get the jump on the competition and start out the season strong. Here is a quick look at the things you should be doing right now to get ready for a busy spring selling season:

Update Your Marketing Materials

Do you have enough business cards? Do they have all your current social media addresses and handles? If you’re going to change your Facebook page to a Facebook group to avoid a slump because of Facebook’s new newsfeed policy you should update your marketing materials and get new ones printed. Now is the time to go over all your marketing materials and make sure that your phone number, email and social media addresses are all current. Since you may have to wait a week or two for printing and delivery get those materials updated and ordered now so that they will arrive in plenty of time.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Do you need to upgrade your smartphone? If you want to make sure that you can take amazing looking photos and videos you should upgrade your phone to the latest model of whatever platform you prefer. These days it’s more important than ever to be able to get great photos and to take streaming video that will make buyers want to tour homes. You may even want to invest in a professional quality DLSR camera to get the best possible photos. And you will need a high-quality desktop or laptop to post all your listings. If you need to update your PC or tablet now is the time to do that as well.

Be More Active On Social Media

If you slacked off on social media over the holidays now is the time to dust off those accounts and get posting again! Start engaging with your followers and building those social media relationships now so that you’ll have a great base of followers once those listings start rolling in. Make sure that you’re posting plenty of photos and make sure that your content is always informative and engaging.


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Stock Your Vehicle

You will probably be spending a lot of time in your vehicle once the sales season gets rolling so make an inventory list and get that vehicle stocked. Make sure that you have plenty of marketing materials and other information. But you also should keep a backup phone charger in your car, or a battery operated phone charger. And you’ll need a cleaning kit for the homes you’re listing as well as extra water for those days when you don’t have time to stop for a drink. It never hurts to keep some protein bars or snacks in the car too. 

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The spring sales season is starting to heat up and experts predict it’s going to be one of the best sales seasons of the last few years. Are you ready for the sales blitz? You should be working on getting your Edmonton real estate listings ready for spring with a spring staging makeover that will get buyers to place offers on the spot when they tour the home. Here are 4 can’t miss spring staging tips that will make buyers want to place offers:

Lighten Up

edmonton real estateWinter is almost over and spring is in the air. When you bring potential buyers to a home or host an open house in the spring the house should be flooded with as much natural light as possible. In the spring buyers respond to homes that feel open, fresh, and airy. To make that happen repaint with light neutral or white paint in the rooms. Change the drapes and replace them with crisp white curtains. Remove the blinds and get the windows professionally cleaned. Make the house sparkle with natural light to get the immediate attention of buyers.

Freshen With Flowers

Fresh flowers are a must for spring home tours and open houses. Pick fragrant seasonal fresh cut flowers and place them in every room. If you don’t want to spend a fortune at the florist at least keep a vase of fresh flowers in the entryway where potential buyers will be greeted with the light fragrance of fresh spring flowers and then place some house plants throughout the house to make it feel fresher. Fresh flowers are also a must to make bathrooms seem more spa-like and inviting.

Boost Curb Appeal

The way that the outside of the house looks is critically important. Buyers will decide in the first minute of seeing the house if they like it or don’t like it and the curb appeal has a lot to do with what they decide. Make sure that branches and brush are cleared out of the yard. Trim the hedges and overhanging trees. Sweep off the driveway and the walkways around the house. Add some solar lights so that the paths will be nice and bright at night or for evening showings. You can leave some white holiday lights up on the bushes or around the backyard because neutral white lights can be used all year. But pack all the other holiday decorations away.


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Set The Stage For Outdoor Living

Buyers now expect a home to have some kind of outdoor living and spring is the perfect time to show off a home’s potential for summer get-togethers and evenings spent outside. Make sure that you highlight outdoor living space by dressing the patio, deck or yard with tables and chairs or other outdoor furniture. A chimney or fire pit is also something that buyers like to see. 


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Spring is the busiest home selling season. But even a strong market won’t help bring in buyers if a home isn’t staged to reflect the season. Staging always matters. Aside from the usual things that should be done before buyers tour a house adding some seasonal spring elements to your staging is important when it comes to making a great first impression on potential buyers. Here are a few spring staging tips that expert home stagers swear by for attracting the right kind of attention from spring Leduc home buyers:

Get Rid Of Seasonal Décor

Some people like to leave their holiday decorations up long after the holidays. While the owners might think it makes the house look festive it really makes it look tired and outdated to buyers. Spring is all about starting over and new beginnings and buyers want to envision themselves living in a new home. They can’t do that if the Christmas tree is still standing the corner, or there’s still a holiday wreath on the door, or if the Christmas lights never got taken down. Make sure that the owners remove or put into storage all holiday decorations and items so that the home looks fresh and new.

Hire A Cleaning Service

Leduc real estateA good basic cleaning might be fine at other times of the year, but potential buyers will except homes to sparkle from a fresh spring cleaning when they’re looking for a home in the spring. The best way to make sure the home is as clean as it can be is to hire a professional cleaning time. The cost is a great investment in attracting buyers. Professional cleaners will get all those hard to reach or easy to forget spots and the house will look and smell brand new again.


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Put Out Fresh Flowers

Nothing invokes the spirit of the spring-like fresh seasonal flowers. Put vases of tulips, daisies or other spring flowers in each room. The buyers who tour the home will get a great impression of the home when they see bright and cheerful fresh flowers in every room. Houseplants are another great item to use when staging a Leduc home to sell in the spring. The house should be brimming with new life and greenery to really capture the feeling of the season.

Get The Windows Cleaned

Spring home buyers will respond better to homes that seem light and airy. To make sure that the home is flooded with sunlight and looks bright and open replace the blinds and drapes and get a professional window cleaning crew to come and clean the inside and outside windows. A professional window cleaner can clean skylights, picture windows, and other special windows so that the house gets as much natural sunlight as possible flowing in. 


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Once the spring buying season begins home buyers will be inundated with Leduc home listings. After a while, all of those listings will start to look the same to them. If you want to catch the attention of spring home buyers you will have to make your listings stand out so that they really grab the attention of the buyers who are browsing for a new home. According to some of the top selling agents, these are the things that buyers will notice right away in a real estate listing:

Have A Great Photo

Edmonton home listingsWhen home buyers are looking through listing apps they are just skimming for houses that they find attractive. If the photo you’re using as a thumbnail or the main image on the listing isn’t a great one buyers won’t even open the page. The first photo should always be a well-lit shot of the front of the home. The house should look inviting and have great curb appeal. If the home doesn’t have great curb appeal then the first photo should be of one of the best features of the home. Maybe it’s a new kitchen or a spa-like bathroom. Whatever the best feature of the home is that should be your first photo if you don’t have a great photo of the front of the house.

Video Tours Are A Must

Today’s home buyers are sophisticated and used to modern technology. They want to see a video walkthrough of the home and the property before they decide they want to see the home in person. Adding video tours to your online and mobile listings is the best way to convince potential buyers that the home you’re listing could be great for them. Learn how to take good video tours and add them to your listings. It really is worth the effort.

Put The Important Information At The Top

Potential buyers will skim over the information in the listing looking for the important information. So put that information front and center at the top of the listing. Don’t get bogged down in words trying to pitch the house to them. Just give them the facts. Include the square footage, information about the nearest schools, and any selling points like a new roof, renovated kitchen, or bonus rooms. You can go into more detail further down in the listing. But if you want to get the buyer’s attention give them all the information they really want to know at the top of the listing. If they’re interested they will keep reading. If not, then they weren’t the right buyer for that home and burying that information lower in the listing won’t grab their attention anyway. 

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Spring selling season is just around the corner! What are you doing to get ready? If you haven’t started preparing for spring selling season you need to get started. During the holiday slow time is the best time to make sure that you have everything you need to hit the ground running once those spring listings start and spring homebuyers start contacting you. Here are the things you should be doing right now to get ready for the busy spring selling season:

Work On Your Listing Skills

Do you have a phone with a good camera or a professional quality camera to take great photos, create video tours, and film your listings? If not you need to get shopping. And once you have the right equipment you need to learn how to use it. Take that camera for a test drive and start practicing creating video home tours, video listings, and other multi-media listings. Those multi-media pitches are the things that are going to sell more houses this spring.




Why Photos Are So Important In Real Estate Listings


Update Your Promotional Materials

When was the last time you ordered business cards? You need to make sure that you have plenty on hand for the busy spring season. And when was the last time you updated your cards? Make sure that they have your current phone number as well as all your social media handles and your website on them. If clients can’t reach you or don’t know where to look for your listings that will end up impacting your sales.

Stock Your Vehicle

Make sure that you have a cleaning kit, extra promotional materials, extra phone chargers and other equipment that you might need already packed up in your vehicle. It’s also a good idea to put some water and some snacks or protein bars in there too. When you’re running back and forth on a busy day of showings and open houses having plenty of water and healthy snacks will save you time and cut down on the chances that you will end up eating unhealthy drive through because you’re pressed for time. Plan ahead and stay organized if you want to make this the best selling season yet.

Update Your Computer

When you work in the real estate industry you have to have the best tech available. It will save you a lot of time and frustration. So if it’s been a few years since you bought yourself a new laptop or computer check the post-holiday sales and upgrade your computer now. That way you’ll have time to get familiar with it and learn how to use all the cool features it has before the season really gets going. Making listings, keeping in touch with clients, and doing other work will be a lot faster and easier if you have an updated computer to work on. 

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Experts are predicting that 2018 will see a huge surge in home sales. When the spring buying season kicks off buyers are going to want to see these features in the homes that they are considering purchasing. If you have sellers who are getting their homes ready for the spring selling season these are some of the features that are going to make houses more attractive to buyers:

Quartz Counters

Granite countertops are out for modern homebuyers. That’s good news for sellers because functional and durable quartz countertops are a lot less expensive to install than granite countertops. Quarts is the new hot material for kitchen counters and sellers that are trying to upgrade their kitchens to be more attractive to buyers should definitely think about installing quartz countertops instead of granite.

Freestanding Tubs

One of the best upgrades that sellers can make in the bathroom, especially in a master suite, is to install a freestanding tub. Most buyers these days expect to see a freestanding tub or a garden tub in the master suite if not in the main bathroom. It gives that little bit of extra luxury that will make potential buyers more likely to buy a home.

Upgraded Bathrooms

If sellers don’t want to install a freestanding tub they should at least upgrade the bathrooms to have new fixtures, storage, and as many little spa like touches as possible. Homebuyers want to think of their new home as having a spa like retreat in the bathroom. To help make the bathroom look more appealing sellers should also put in a new bath mat and invest in new linens. If there isn’t a freestanding tub then new white fabric shower curtain and luxury linens will make a better impression on potential buyers.


. Easy Home Updates That Sell Homes Every Time

Storage Everywhere

Smart storage is one of the most often cited new trends when it comes to home sales. Buyers will be much more inclined to buy a house that has built in storage everywhere. This could be built in shelves in the living room, extra storage from open shelving and above counter storage over the cupboards in the kitchen, built in storage dining benches in the living room or any kind of storage that can be worked into the home’s existing framework.


It may cost sellers a little more to have custom cabinets and built ins made for the house but they will get that money back in a quick sale and increased asking price for the home. Storage is one of the best things that a motivated seller can add to a home to make it sell more quickly. If the house is older then added storage is even more important to make the home more likely to appeal to buyers.

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The winter season is notoriously slow when it comes to home sales. But the busy spring sales season is approaching fast. During the slower winter months, it’s the perfect time to make sure that you’re ready to hit the ground running when the spring buying boom begins. Here are four things that real estate agents should be doing during those slower winter months to get ready for the spring home buyers who are going to be swarming soon:

Educate Potential Buyers

Do you have a pool of buyers that are going to be looking for a home in the spring? If you don’t, why not? If you do, now is the perfect time to get them ready for home buying in the spring. You can send out newsletters with information about home loans and how to make sure their finances in good shape to buy a new home. Or you can host a small seminar for potential buyers to share information about buying a new home. Any activities that get your potential buyers thinking about what they need to do in order to be ready to buy in the spring is an activity that will keep you connected with potential buyers and get them focused on buying a new home.

Motivate Sellers To Start Getting Their Homes Ready

Are your sellers ready to put their homes on the market? If not, now is the time to get them started. The spring will be here before you know it and there’s always a lot of work that sellers should be doing to get their homes ready to go on the market. Keep in touch with your pool of sellers and regularly suggest tasks they can do now to make their homes ready to sell. Sent out regular reminders and a checklist of tasks that should be done before they market their homes.

Update Your Open House Kit

The winter time is the perfect time to overhaul your open house kit. Buy new cleaning supplies, stock up on candles, make sure your marketing materials look great and that you have enough of them. Make an inventory and keep it updated. The spring is going to be a very busy season so getting your kit ready to go now will save you a lot of time and stress in the spring. If you have new ideas for ways that you can impress buyers at an open house make sure those items are in the kit. Also, update your kit to include spring items like spring scented candles and other items.

Update Your Promotional Materials

When was the last time you updated your business cards and other promotional materials? Take this time to get new marketing materials printed. Update your website. Take care of all those little things you haven’t had time to do.

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Winter can be a tough time to sell homes. But updating your home staging and encouraging homeowners to try some of the hottest Pinterest and social media design trends can do wonders to encourage buyer interest even during the winter. Heading into the winter selling season you will sell more if you use some of these current design trends in your home staging:

Wood Accents

Smart homes are all the rage, but most homebuyers don’t want their homes to look like a cold industrial technology paradise. Adding wood accents is easy and inexpensive to do and it makes homes look warmer and more inviting. Great ways to use wood in your staging include things like adding a butcher block top island in the kitchen, using polished wood furniture in dining rooms and kitchen nooks, and staging living rooms with classic sofas and chairs that have wood accents.

A bolder approach is to create a wood accent wall in the living room or the bathroom to make the rooms like more modern but still cozy. If a home has wood paneling, which has been considered outdated for many years now, changing the color with some paint is a great way to make use of the existing paneling without making the home look dated.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterned wallpaper and backsplashes, along with geometric floor tiles, can turn a dated entryway, kitchen or bathroom into a social media ready and buyer friendly feature. Best of all you can use geometrically patterned vinyl decals on existing tiles to get the look you want easily and cheaply. Use geometric vinyl wall stickers to create a showstopping accent wall in the living room. The decals are easy to remove if the buyer wants to remove them but they change the look of the room instantly and cost very little. You can even get custom patterns and colors from sellers on sites like Etsy to create a unique one of a kind look for a home that you’re trying to sell.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents done with a paint can transform a room. Light bouncing off the metallic accents will make the room look bigger. In addition, in the winter time, a touch of silvery shimmer or burnished bronze can make a home seem cozier, warmer, and more family friendly. Try painting crown molding with a metallic paint for a look that will instantly get buyer’s attention. Another great idea, put in some metallic tile accents in the bathroom to make it look more like a spa retreat. White towels and linens in a bathroom that has warm bronze or copper metallic accents will really appeal to buyers and make an older home look a lot more modern to today’s buyers.


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Feeling independent and responsible is a big part of home ownership. The best age to strive for a house is your twenties when you are still much agile so as to retire young.


Buying is absolutely different from renting. If you are considering renting over buying, you need to know what you stand to benefit from buying a house of your own.

Some of The Benefits of Buying Instead of Renting


You stand to benefit the following when you own a home of your own;

  1. Personalization and customization of your place
    You now own a house, no more rental agreement to stop you from getting a dog, cat or alligator. you can always tear out a wall, change the bathroom tile to one of your choice. Surely, an improvement made would increase the value of your property if well done. Doing all these in a rental house is not advisable, they only favor the landlord
  2. Increase in Value
    The value of homes increases over time, they tend to appreciate with time. When you sell your home/investment, any gain or return on it is yours to keep. But as a renter, it is your landlord's
  3. Device for Personal Finance Management
    Being a house owner can be a device for personal finance management. Since you know what to expect on your payments over the year, you can always prepare, plan and invest ahead for the future
  4. Being your own landlord
    The thought of owning a home is a great achievement and confident of its own. You can always watch the television late without your parent scolding you, your friends can party at yours without your landlord neither stalking aggressively at you nor banging on your door.
  5. Collateral for Bank
    You own a house, you own a bank collateral for loans. If there is a need to get a loan, you might not need to worry about being approved or not as you have a collateral worth the loan requested
  6. Extra Cash Flow
    You might not have to worry about working extra hours to get all your expenses catered for monthly, as that can be taken care of if your home as vacant space. Getting a tenant to rent it out to is a stand-by monthly income without stress

So, why not buy if you can afford it now rather than renting?


Thinking of how you might go cashless after buying a house?

Here are some things to do not to go cashless:

  1. Vigorously Save For Months (8 - 12months)
    Make sure you save up a large part of your paycheck if you really want to be a house owner at a young age.
    You might want to consider owning and monetizing a blog to help increase your stream of income to be saved
  2. Know The Area You Like to Live
    Some people don't see buying a house an option because they are not married and don't know where their spouse would like to live. Trust, if you are single and already own a house, your spouse would see the attribute of responsibility in you
  3. Stop Procrastinating
    "Procrastination is the thief of time". If are thinking of having a home in your twenties and you still find it difficult to save up 70% of your income now, you might end up not being able to achieve your desired aim. If buying a house is worth doing at all, do it well.
  4. Know How Much You Need
    You can't vividly get a house without knowing the exact amount you need to spend. You need to know if you would need a mortgage and how to get one. Be also aware of the types of loans that exist and see where you fit.
  5. Buy a home you know you can afford
    Being approved for a particular amount does not mean you must acquire a house up to that limit.
    Do not buy a house you would not be able to afford nor maintain.


Are you still thinking of renting a home over buying this 2018?


Have a wise rethink and choose the best, tomorrow might be too late.



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